To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Visual Arts

The visual arts program at AHN provides experiences in the creative process that is so essential to all learners. Visual arts education develops learners who can perceive and shape the visual, spatial, and aesthetic world around them. Visual arts includes the traditional fine arts of drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture and in the fields of design (industrial, architectural, landscape, textile, etc.). Visual arts is a continuously evolving field that also explores the expressive potential of technologies, such as film/video, computer graphics, and electronic art.

It is the focus of the department to provide a hands-on, sequential visual arts program where students learn basic arts literacy while learning higher-order thinking skills. Students learn to communicate their ideas and beliefs reflecting cultural diversity and interdisciplinary study through a variety of art mediums, techniques, and technology. Through the visual arts program, students appreciate the value of art in their daily lives and learn to contribute to society through their art.