To Be an Artist

The Fine Arts Department is dedicated to the mission and philosophy of AHN and the charism of the SNJM sisters. Within that framework, the mission of the Fine Arts curriculum is to provide equal opportunities for all students to discover the enriching power, the intellectual excitement, and the joy of competence in the arts.

The Academy of the Holy Names concurs with educational leaders in declaring that aesthetic knowledge is central to the full development of a human person. Believing that mastery in the arts is a sequential, life-long process, AHN is committed to providing every student with a comprehensive arts curriculum that promotes artistic learning, exploration and expression. Experience in the creative process is essential to all learners. In the arts, this process involves solving problems with skill and imagination, discovering new questions and producing new ideas, objects or interpretations of existing works. Learning in, about, and through the arts develops each learner’s capacity to make meaning from experience, to respond to creativity, and to contribute to society.

Dramatic Arts

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Visual Arts

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