2022-23 Covid Policies and Protocols

The following COVID-19 guidelines went into effect on March 7, 2022.

  • Masks will be optional regardless of vaccination status for faculty and staff. Masks remain optional for all students.
  • Those who have a COVID -19 exposure, but have no symptoms, are not required to quarantine and can remain in school. This is regardless of vaccination status.
  • Those who have a COVID-19 exposure and are symptomatic or test positive for COVID-19 will quarantine for five days from the onset of symptoms or positive test. In order to return, symptoms should have improved and the individual must be fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medicine. This is regardless of vaccination status.
  • After an exposure or positive COVID-19 diagnosis, a negative COVID-19 test is not required to return to school.
  • Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is encouraged to stay home.

Last revised August 10, 2022.