Face Covering FAQ

“I wear one for you. You wear one for me.”

Essentially, the purpose of wearing a cloth mask is to protect people near and around the wearer, should the wearer be an asymptomatic or presymptomatic carrier of COVID-19. Cloth masks are for source control; they are simple barriers to protect respiratory droplets from going out to others.

All students and staff are required to wear cloth masks. In situations where social distancing is challenging, these masks act as a barrier, reducing the spread of small particles and droplets when the wearer talks, coughs, raises voice, sneezes, etc. A two-layer cotton blend mask that fits comfortably over the nose and mouth is recommended. Cloth masks with a clear vinyl/plastic window are also acceptable. 

Surgical masks are also acceptable. There will be a reserve of these masks should someone forget their cloth mask at home.

Face shields are acceptable only in following circumstances:

  • When instruction necessitates seeing the teacher's mouth movements (e.g. hearing impaired, world language instruction). In this circumstance, the teacher may wear a face shield only, while maintaining distance from students in the front of the classroom. 
  • In situations where an adult or student is hearing impaired, face shields may be worn, so long as students and the adult are maintaining 6-feet distance.

Non-acceptable masks include cloth masks with respiratory valves and neck gaiters. These masks do not function to protect others from the wearer.