Ways to Help


Let our charity be a bright and burning light, pointing out the path of virtue to all who surround us. - Blessed Marie Rose


As a new sister choosing a Lenten action, a wise sister once said to me, “Sometimes Lent comes to us.” Recalling her words during this pandemic outbreak, Lent came to all of us. We are fasting from the warmth of our usual face-to-face interactions, fasting from our usual sociocultural freedoms, or even from our usual forms of work. We are in touch with our vulnerability as individuals, families, and as a society, as we follow the daily updates of the spread of illness and economic needs. Yet, in the spirit of the Gospel, is Christ Jesus calling us to walk more closely in His steps, in praying for and empathize with the suffering in our world, in seeking and trusting in God’s spiritual protection, and in desiring to respond to the emerging needs of our neighbors, near and far, in this global experience of strife. - Sr. Lisa Perkowski, IHM

As an SNJM school community rooted in the Catholic tradition, we are invited to ever more deeply contemplate our core value focus of service to people who are poor & marginalized. Jesus’ invitation is both personal and communal in how we respond in prayer, fasting, and giving alms to be light to our community. 

Thank you for all that each of you is doing every day, in your respective vocations during this trying time. In the words of Peter, “Each one of you have received a special grace. So, like good stewards responsible for all these different graces of God, put yourselves at the service of others.” (1 Peter 4:10)