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Celebrating Earth Day with Project-Based Learning

Celebrating Earth Day with Project-Based Learning

Happy Earth Day! Our Pre-K to 1st-grade students celebrated the day with immersive, project-based learning experiences that embraced the importance of sustainability. All these activities also reinforced the importance of taking care of God’s creation while aligning with the charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names. As they rotated through three engaging stations, the students explored the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

  • At the first station, students created beautiful, reusable shopping bags to reduce plastic waste. They learned about the environmental impact of single-use plastics and how they could contribute to a solution by using their own bags.
  • In the second station, students crafted seed bombs using recycled paper. These small balls of paper embedded with seeds can be planted in the ground, providing a fun and interactive way for the children to understand the process of growing plants while recycling paper.
  • In the third station, students transformed discarded cardboard boxes into unique and useful bookmarks. By reimagining the purpose of used materials, the children practiced creativity and resourcefulness while learning about the importance of giving a second life to everyday objects.

The Earth Day celebration culminated with a visit from AHN alumna Christina Suarez Alvarez '07, the owner of Le Roots Premium Urban Farm. Located just down the street at 5119 South MacDill Avenue, Le Roots is Tampa's first privately held indoor urban farm dedicated to providing the community with sustainable, organic aeroponic produce.

During her visit, Alvarez offered the students valuable insights into environmental stewardship, sharing her journey and the impact of sustainable practices. Her presentation brought the day's lessons to life, reinforcing the connection between what the students learned at the stations and real-world applications.

Through these activities and the inspiring visit from Alvarez, AHN's youngest students gained a deeper appreciation for sustainability and their role in nurturing a brighter, greener future. By introducing them to these important concepts early on, we are helping to shape future generations of environmentally conscious citizens who will carry these values with them throughout their lives.