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The Junior Class Delves into World Religions

The Junior Class Delves into World Religions

In a world that thrives on diversity, understanding different cultures and religious practices becomes an essential aspect of education. In conjunction with their World Religions course, the junior class visited three worship sites in Tampa: the Wat Temple of Tampa, the Hindu Temple of Florida, and Congregation Schaarai Zedek. Each site offered a unique perspective on faith, rituals, and beliefs, allowing students to witness religious diversity firsthand. 

Learning about Thai Buddhist gestures of respect, Hindu stories and symbolic incarnations of God, and the evolution of Judaism, our students appreciated how different religious and philosophical traditions aim to bring about goodness and moral living in people. To show a welcoming presence toward people of all faiths and respect that other religions “reflect rays of truth” mirrors both the messages of Nostra Aetate, the 1965 Catholic document on non-Christian religions, and our SNJM core value of Education in the Faith.