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Class of 2024 Shines with Excellence and Unity

Class of 2024 Shines with Excellence and Unity

The journey of the Class of 2024 at the Academy has been characterized by extraordinary dedication, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This class began their high school years amid the challenges of the COVID pandemic, navigating a world of social distancing and masks. Through these trials, they emerged stronger and more united, demonstrating a commitment to learning and fostering a powerful sense of community that extends far beyond the school walls.

Their achievements reflect their hard work, faith, leadership, and compassion, all driven by a profound desire to bring about positive change in the world. Among this exceptional group are 11 lifers, students who have been part of the Academy family since pre-kindergarten or kindergarten. The accomplishments of the 125 graduates are impressive: 15 student-athletes poised to compete at the collegiate level, five Tampa Tribune Scholars, an honor recognizing the top 3% of each school's graduating class at the end of the first semester.

As these graduates prepare to leave the Academy, they carry with them cherished memories and a bond of camaraderie that will last a lifetime. They step into the next phase of their lives with confidence and determination, ready to make significant contributions to society.

Heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2024! May your futures be bright, your dreams vast, and your journeys uniquely yours. Continue to inspire and lead as you embark on your new adventures!


Valedictorian: Ashlin Cannella

In addition to achieving the pinnacle of academic success, Ashlin was a captain on the back-to-back state champion swim team, co-president of Teen Leadership Council, and president of Chain Reaction. She was also an AP Scholar With Distinction, Esse Quam Videri recipient, and was honored with both the Princeton Book Award and the University of Rochester Xerox Award.



Salutatorian: Sadie Patrick

Sadie participated in Teen Leadership Council, Latin Club, Crochet for Charity, and as a member of the cross country and track and field teams. She began her journey at the Academy as a Blessed Marie Rose Scholarship recipient, was an AP Scholar With Distinction, an Esse Quam Videri recipient, and was honored with the UVA Jefferson Book Award.







Senior Awards

Blessed Marie Rose Durocher Alumnae Award
Ashlin Cannella
Dads Club School Achievement Award
Megan Hyer
Mothers Association Award
Catherine Neely
Senior Athlete of the Year
Megan Hyer
Senior of the Year
Tegan Drinkwater


The Class of 2024 Graduates & Matriculations

Mariebelle Abrunzo, Auburn University
Claire Acosta, University of Florida
Adeline Angelone, Syracuse University
Caroline Arnold, Tallahassee Community College
Julia Artz, Florida State University
Hailey Aulicino, University of Central Florida
Sofia Bailey, Florida State University
Jessica Beede, University of South Carolina
Chloe Boback, University of South Carolina
Miranda Boria, University of South Florida
Addison Brown, Florida Atlantic University
Kathryn Burke, University of Florida
Alexandria Cacciatore, University of South Florida
Dana Camp, University of Florida
Ashlin Cannella, University of Florida
Chloe Carson, Florida State University
McKenzie Casper, Southern Methodist University
Sofia Caudell, University of Florida
Josie Chapuis, High Point University
Michaela Clayton, Xavier University of Louisiana
Samantha Cogburn, Florida State University
Laura Collins, University of Florida
Teryn Collins, George Washington University
Heidi Crouse, Florida State University
Carla Cruz-Valenzuela, Florida Polytechnic University
Avery Diaz, Tallahassee Community College
Avery Doyle, Florida State University
Tegan Drinkwater, Florida State University
Lauren Echeverry, University of South Florida
Reese Edlund, University of South Carolina
Brooke Feocco, Florida State University
Isabella Fisher, University of South Florida
Maleah Fraga, Tallahassee Community College
Emily Galvez, University of South Florida
Amelia Garstka, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Grace Gavin, The University of the South
Tillie Gramata, University of Mississippi
Sabrina Grayson, University of Southern California
Caroline Griffis, University of South Carolina
Sellome Haile, Vanderbilt University
Caitlin Ham, College of Charleston
Deanna Hampton, The University of Tampa
Regan Hernandez, University of South Carolina
Diana Hiatt, Florida State University
Mary Martha Holland, University of Mississippi
Keala Hollenkamp, Princeton University
Lilliana Holman, Florida State University
Morgan Hunt, United States Air Force Academy
Megan Hyer, University of Notre Dame
Grace Jaye, William & Mary
Sophia Johnson, Saint Leo University
Emma Kaiser, University of South Florida
Caroline Kross, The University of Alabama
Delaney Lampinen, University of Florida
Kierra Leick 
Matea Leone, University of Mississippi
Danica Lothrop, The University of Tampa
Karly Luikart, Colorado State University
Reese MacDiarmid, Winthrop University
Natalie Marks, Florida Gulf Coast University
Gwenyth Martin, Auburn University
Christa Masiello, Florida State University
Madison Maxwell, The University of Alabama
Emily McClelland, Wake Forest University
Mary-Stewart McGough, University of Mississippi
Morgan McPherson, Tallahassee Community College
Isabelle Meckley, Florida State University
Miriam Mikhail, University of South Florida
Reagan Miller, University of Notre Dame
Rowan Miller, University of Notre Dame
Sophia Mitchell, United States Naval Academy
Kendall Mobley, Florida Gulf Coast University
Bridget Moore, Rutgers University
Sophia Moore, Florida State University
Ava Morales, Saint Joseph's University
Lucille Morey, Florida State University
Sabrina Muhsen, University of South Florida
Shayla Muhsen, University of South Florida
Kamila Muraharisetti, Cornell University
Devin Murphy, Florida State University
Catherine Neely, Wake Forest University
Maria Neves, The University of Tampa
Alexandra Nicholas, North Carolina State University
Ava O'Brien, University of Mississippi
Bella Otte, The University of Texas at Austin
Kayla Parsons, Nova Southeastern University
Sadie Patrick, University of Notre Dame
Olivia Payne, Northwestern University
Alayna Pearson, University of Florida
Camille Petrarca, Wake Forest University
Chloé Pleasants, The University of Tennessee
Megan Price, Florida State University
Gina Puleo, Florida Atlantic University
Abigail Pyle, Florida State University
Alexandra Ragano, The Catholic University of America
Madison Ratchford, Southern Methodist University
Aurelia Rich, Auburn University
Hannah Riser 
Lily Rittenhouse, University of San Diego
Jordan Ritter, University of Florida
Marielle Robert, University of South Florida
Isabel Salas, United States Military Academy
Catalina Salgado, Florida State University
Chloe Sansone, Florida State University
Stela Sansone, The University of Alabama
Shelby Savitt, Florida Southern College
Karly Sayad, Florida State University
Isabel Sayag, George Washington University
Olivia Schipano, The Arizona State University
Giuliana Seise, Hillsborough Community College
Mary Elizabeth Shoop, Florida State University
Maisi Sigler, United States Military Academy
Amanda Stephens, University of South Florida
Aydan Sullivan, New York University
Laina Sutton, University of South Florida
Ava Tuccio, Tallahassee Community College
McKenzie Vande Brink, Aveda Institute
Nyla Veal, Florida State University
Silvia Velasco, Florida State University
Kierra Vinion, Tallahassee Community College
Lillian Weber, Santa Fe College
Isabelle Williams, The University of Arizona
Nina Wolff, University of Florida
Katherine Yencle-Torres, University of South Florida
Nathalie Yencle-Torres, The University of Tampa
Class of 2024 at Commencement Ceremony