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AHN Celebrates Grades 9 to 11 Awards Ceremony

AHN Celebrates Grades 9 to 11 Awards Ceremony

The Academy of the Holy Names hosted its annual Grades 9 to 11 Awards Ceremony, honoring students for their outstanding achievements in academics, arts, athletics, and service. This event provided an opportunity to recognize our students' remarkable accomplishments and celebrate their dedication to excellence.

Student Council Officers

The ceremony began by acknowledging the 2023-2024 Student Council officers for their leadership and service:

  • President: Tegan Drinkwater
  • Vice-President: Olivia Payne
  • Recording Secretary: Rowan Alexander
  • Corresponding Secretary: Siena Ramirez
  • Treasurer: Jennon Hassoun

They were recognized for their contributions to the school community.


Students involved in the school's publications, including Echoes (yearbook), Achona (online newspaper), and Excursions (literary and art magazine), were recognized for their creativity and dedication:

Echoes Yearbook:

  • Editor-in-Chief: Kathryn Burke
  • Editors: Diana Hiatt, Anna Jacobson, Madison Ratchford, and Lily Rittenhouse
  • Tier II Staff: Lena Graham, Mariana Guzman, Alexandra Nicholas, Alayna Pearson, and Katie Pearson
  • Tier I Staff: Evie Nessler

Achona Online Newspaper:

  • Editor-in-Chief: Olivia Payne
  • Social Media Editor: Brooke Fechtel
  • Managing Editor: Nicole Bianchi
  • Year-Long Staff Members: Ava Radovic, Cassidy Forte, Danica Lothrop, and Alexandra Nicholas
  • Semester Staff Members: Grace Callahan, Claire Acosta, Maleah Fraga, Nora Kelly, and Emme Shoop

Excursions Literary and Art Magazine:

  • Editors: Josie Chapuis, Haynes Melchior, and Gia Joseph
  • Year-Long Staff Members: Val Cacciatore, Lin Riser, Allie Ragano, and Matea Leone
  • Semester-Long Staff Members: Caroline Arnold, Ava O’Brien, Kayla Parsons, Ansley Roberts, Haley Ricca, Melanie Port, Regan Hernandez, Gabriella Bachs, Maddy Hughes, Maleah Fraga, Chloe Boback, Catalina Salgado, Samantha Cogburn, Sophia Hogarth, Lily Hund, Mattie Holland, Caroline Kross, and Catherine Neely

Eucharistic Ministers

Students who served as Eucharistic ministers during the 2023-2024 school year were honored for their spiritual service to the AHN community:

  • Claire Acosta, Kathryn Burke, Faith DeRing, Tegan Drinkwater, Anna Donaldson, Katie Donaldson, Emma Hensler, Mattie Holland, Natalie Marks, Reagan Miller, Rowan Miller, Cate Pena, Madison Ratchford, Margarita Valdez-Puente, and Elyse Watson.


High school ambassadors who represent AHN in local elementary schools and support various school and community initiatives were acknowledged for their efforts and impact:

  • Emily Grace Andrews, Ava Bailey, Annabelle Bennett, Mia Bento, Kathryn Burke, Grace Callahan, Dana Camp, Kenzie Cappy, Chloe Carson, Carla Cruz-Valenzuela, Carolina Cubillos, Izzy Donaldson, Kathryn Donaldson, Avery Doyle, Mei-Lin Ellison, Ava Fernandez, Lillie Holman, Anna Jacobson, Sophia Johnson, Madeline Kant, Presley Keener, Ainsley Kurrack, Gabrielle Marquez, Madison Maxwell, Asada McLaughlin, Reagan Miller, Rowan Miller, Kendall Mobley, Catherine Neely, Alex Nicholas, Emily Oliver, Kayla Parsons, Erica Port, Allie Ragano, Marielle Robert, Kacey Scott, Addison Sheets, Aydan Sullivan, Olivia Vargas, Ryan Walicek, and Paige Wilson.

Honor Societies

Members of the National Honor Society and other honor societies were recognized for their commitment to scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Latin Awards

The National Latin Exam recognizes students for their accomplishments in the classroom:

Beginning Latin I:

  • Magna Cum Laude: Hadley Angle, Lauren Rordam
  • Silver Maxima Cum Laude: Sofia Anthony

Intermediate Latin:

  • Cum Laude: Virginia Luka, Claire Salazar
  • Magna Cum Laude: Madeline Morgan
  • Silver Maxima Cum Laude: Margarita Valdez-Puente, Katelyn Hoar, Hope Nellis, Claudia Ruiz-Carus, and Adelaide Carrere
  • Gold Summa Cum Laude: Virginia Dreisbach

Intermediate Reading Comprehension:

  • Magna Cum Laude: Sofia Genco, Gabrielle Marquez, and Riley Appleton
  • Gold Summa Cum Laude: Elizabeth Williamson

Advanced Reading Comprehension:

  • Cum Laude: Mia Bento and Brooke Fechtel
  • Silver Maxima Cum Laude: Kenzie Cappy

Fine Arts

Students excelling in visual and performing arts were recognized for their accomplishments:

Visual Arts:

  • In drawing: Zia Florschutz, Faith-Mei Lee, and Adriana Tarr
  • In painting: Kelsey Killgoar
  • In two-dimensional design: Sophia Hoffnagle, Gabby Marquez, Ava Keiser, and Brooke Brindise
  • In photography (digital/darkroom): Charleigh Bell, Caroline McGucken, Abby Doyle, and Isabella Scaperotto
  • In yearbook design: Anna Jacobson
  • In three-dimensional design: Haley Spletzer, Rowan Alexander, Sarah Younes, and Lauren Williams

Performing Arts:

  • Acting: Grace Andrews, Imani Bell, and Cate Pena
  • Dance performance: Addison Sheets
  • Technical excellence in dance: Madison Leonard
  • Orchestra: Rafaella Rodriguez and Claudia Ruiz-Carus
  • Technical theatre: Sara Perez, Sarah Younes, Ellen Landsbaum, and Zia Florschutz
  • Vocal music: Khloe Clay, Layla Evans, Anna Hahn, Avery Maxwell, and Rylan Meredith


Students who completed exceptional service hours were acknowledged for their efforts.

  • Freshmen: Virginia Dreisbach, Mia Hatoum, Avery Maxwell, Gabriela Ribeiro, and Naomi Tumulski
  • Sophomores: Khloe Clay, Ainsley Kurrack, Adriana Lyons, Alyssa Lyons, Elizabeth Vericker, and Isabella Zerrate
  • Juniors: Bentley Barnes, Mia Bento, Kenzie Cappy, Chloe Cohen, Isabella Donaldson
  • Seniors: Ashlin Cannella, Amelia Garstka, Madison Maxwell, Miriam Mikhail, and Sadie Patrick

Esse Quam Videri

Students who exemplified AHN's motto, "To be, rather than to seem," were recognized.

  • Sophomore: Avery Wehling
  • Freshmen: Jacqueline Fouche, Emma Hensler, and Reagan Rooth

Special Awards and Honors

Students who received special awards and honors were celebrated for their achievements:

  • Athena Young Women of Promise Award: Brooke Fechtel
  • American Legion School Award: Rowan Alexander
  • Chatham University-Rachel Carson Award: Ella Camposano
  • Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation Leadership Award: Ava Radovic, Kate Wilary, and Avery Wehling
  • Mayor's Youth Corps of Tampa: Chloe Cohen, Gaby Cossi, Camille King, Peyton Pickett, and Avery Wehling
  • Presbyterian College Fellows Scholarship Award: Alexis Newman and Siena Ramirez
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Award: Kenzie Cappy
  • University of Virginia Jefferson Book Award: Cameron Powell
  • Anne Frank Humanitarian Award 2024: Greta Thiel
  • Dartmouth College Book Award: Gabby Marquez
  • University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Lily Leach
  • University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award Program in the Humanities & Social Sciences: Emily Jackson
  • University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Program: Madeline Kant
  • University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation & Information Technology: Mia Bento
  • Princeton University Book Award: Haynes Melchior
  • St. Lawrence University Book Award: Sofia Genco
  • St. Michael's College Book Award: Reese Keller and Elle Melchior
  • Tulane University Book Award: Lilly Hund
  • University of Vermont Citizen Scholar Book Award: Jennon Hassoun

Scholarships for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Several small prize scholarships were awarded to students for the next academic year:

  • Robert Kevin Walsh Memorial Scholarship for Creative Writing: Gia Joseph
  • Robert Kevin Walsh Memorial Scholarship for Visual Arts: Isabella Guzman
  • Sister Irene Marie Brunelle Memorial Alumni Scholarship: Sarah Younes
  • Sister Mary Patricia Plumb Endowed Scholarship: Brianna Pe Aguirre

Retiring Faculty and Staff

The ceremony concluded with heartfelt farewells to retiring faculty and staff members, including Mrs. Kim Quire, Mrs. Rhonda Wisniewski, and Mrs. Judith Perrella. Their exceptional contributions, dedication, and passion were deeply appreciated.

Blessed Marie Rose Teacher of the Year

The final award of the ceremony was the Blessed Marie Rose Teacher of the Year, awarded to Mr. David Bland for his exemplary dedication to the students and the Academy.

As the ceremony drew to a close, attendees joined together in singing the alma mater, reflecting on a year of hard work, growth, and success. Congratulations to all the students and faculty members who were recognized during this special event!