To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

The Academy of the Holy Names strives to provide an athletic program that challenges each student-athlete to be the best that he or she can be, both on and off of his or her respective playing field.


The Academy of the Holy Names is committed to providing a competitive, interscholastic athletic program with the belief that participation in athletics can build individual character, appreciation for the value of teamwork and school spirit. AHN’s Athletic Department carries out the mission of the school by developing the physical and personal growth of each student-athlete. The Athletic Department is committed to providing a safe environment that promotes the physical and emotional health of all participants.

The Athletic Department is dedicated to providing athletic options for as many students as possible, while maintaining competitive, high-quality programs. AHN’s athletic program strives to enhance individual growth and skill while also emphasizing the numerous benefits of participating in team sports, such as camaraderie, character building, responsibility, sportsmanship, self-discipline and teamwork.

The Athletic Department seeks highly qualified coaches who teach life skills and values to their student-athletes. AHN coaches nurture the commitment and self-discipline in each student-athlete to help them reach individual and team goals. While striving for victory is an important component of athletic competition, winning is only one element of success.

The Athletic Department strives to provide each student-athlete with a memorable and rewarding experience through athletics. That being said, it is a privilege to represent an AHN athletic team and student-athletes must be prepared for athletic achievement without sacrificing academic standards or Christian values.