Hall of Fame

The Academy of the Holy Names Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes the superior athletic performances of Holy Names alumni and coaches. For more information on this honor or to nominate someone, please complete the form below. The inductee nomination deadline is September 15th.

Nomination Requirements

  1. Candidates must be a graduate of the Academy of the Holy Names (females - 12th grade and males -8th grade), Boys Academy (1967-1989), Sacred Heart Academy (1933-1971), a Holy Names coach or a special contributor to Holy Names athletics.
  2. Student-athletes are eligible for nomination five years after their graduation from high school.
  3. Coaches must have a minimum of five years of service at a Holy Names school.
  4. Special contributor inductees will receive the SNJM Light the Fire Award.
  5. Selection will be based primarily on achievements while attending a Holy Names school, but achievements at the high school (male athletes), college or professional level may also be considered.
  6. Nominations will be accepted from coaches, teachers, administrators, alumni, parents and anyone associated with qualifying graduates.
  7. Candidates nominated one year and not accepted into the Hall of Fame may be nominated again. There is no limit on the number of nominations or the times one may be nominated.
  8. Nominations will be accepted from November 1 through September 15 each year. Selection will take place in September. Inductees will be notified in October and will be honored at an AHN Sports Banquet that school year. Inductees will receive a medallion and their name will be permanently added to the Athletic Wall of Fame located in the AHN gymnasium. For inductees and their guests, the dinner, medallion and plaque are underwritten by the AHN Dads Club.
  9. A maximum of three new inductees may enter the Hall of Fame each year.
  10. Current selection committee members are Athletic Director Kevin Vargas; Assistant Athletic Director Chris Severini; High School Principal Stephanie Nitchals; Elementary School Principal Bridgid Fishman; High School Guidance Counselor Sr. Mary Glavin, SNJM; former Boys Academy teacher Martha Connors Minahan and Director of Alumni Relations Patty Power Bohannan (A’77).

Hall of Fame Nomination

2016-2017 Inductees

Past Inductees

Andre Kirwan (B’88)
  • 2006: 1976 and 1977 State Champion Volleyball Teams and 1996 State Champion Basketball Team
  • 2007: Dr. Mimi Hutcheson (A’72), Anne Marie Davis (A’74) and Andre Kirwan (B’88)
  • 2008: Michelle Gorecki Robinson (A’96), Coach Judy Jennings (1968-2000) and Coach Monte Simon* (1964-1976)
  • 2009: Therese Cullen Seal (A’60), Sherisha Hills (A’98) and Eric Luallen (B’82)
  • 2010: Britta Wilk McKenna (A'79), Patricia Casey (A’87) and Richard Gonzmart (B’67)
  • 2011: Coach Mike Doyle (2002-present) SNJM Light the Fire Award, Coach Mara Schultz* and Robin Sharpe (A’84)
  • 2012: Tara Hyer (A’04), Jennifer Jacobs (A'04) and Jay Trezevant (B’74)
  • 2013: Kim Healy Russell (A'78) and John Marc Tamayo (B'82)
  • 2014: Stephanie Agliano (A'77) SNJM Light the Fire Award, Sara Petric (A'05) and Lisa Companioni Smith (A'98)
  • 2015: Kelly Jackson (A'99) and Jose Jozik (B'82)
  • 2016: Danielle Darby England (A’02), Kelley Hug (A’06) and Preston Tucker (A’04)
  • 2017: Captain Daniel P. Holder, (A’00), Coach Craig McConnell and Dr. Saioa Torrealday (A’96)

* inducted posthumously