Holy Names Heritage Center

Goal: $1 million

Your Past. Their Future. Our History.

For more than 100 years, the Sisters of the Holy names have left an indelible mark on the students educated at the Academy and also on those that have been the beneficiaries of their ongoing service within the Tampa Bay community. The Holy Names Heritage Center is designed to stand as a celebration of the rich history of the Sisters of the Holy Names and to recognize the enormous contributions that they have made within the school and beyond its doors. The Center will also serve to further the Academy’s mission to provide enriching spiritual opportunities that support the SNJM mission and charism.


The Chapel of Blessed Marie Rose Durocher sits at the center of the Academy’s campus. It is important as a place of worship and in its location literally and figuratively at the heart of the school. The Holy Names Heritage Center will be constructed to enhance the Chapel’s ambulatory by extending niches with museum-quality cases to display items of significance commemorating the Sisters’ contribution to Tampa and the history of the Academy. The Center will include both permanent and rotating installations with artifacts, photos and other memorabilia that are currently housed in archives, as well as dynamic video displays.

The relationship between the Sisters and the Academy family is one of the most unique and seminal aspects of an Academy education, and alumni from every era and background often reflect upon the impact the Sisters had on their development as a well-rounded and contributing member of a greater society. Investments in the Heritage Center will ensure that the significant legacy of the Sisters of the Holy Names in Tampa is preserved, and serve as a place of strengthening those connections, continued spiritual growth and reflection for generations to come.

If you would like additional information, please contact Patty Bohannan (A'77) at or 813-839-5371, ext. 376.

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Holy Names Heritage Center


Holy Names Heritage Center (RESERVED)
Stained Glass Doorway to Chapel (RESERVED)
Display Rooms
Stained Glass Windows
Stained Glass Transom Windows (RESERVED)
Hall Displays
Benches (RESERVED) $5,000
Built-In Displays (RESERVED) $2,500
The mission of the Holy Names Heritage Center is to preserve, interpret, communicate and promote the significant stories, historical development and social impact of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary of Tampa, Florida. The Center will serve as a permanent space that not only articulates the stories of the Sisters, the school and the relationships within the community, but also a place that celebrates and informs the present and the future as our history continues to be written.