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Academy Ascending Receives $1.5 Million in Combined Gifts

Although Academy Ascending is still in its quiet phase, already the campaign is receiving significant contributions! At a recent campaign event held at Ulele restaurant, two major gifts were announced.

The Yodzis family has gifted $500,000 to the campaign. John Yodzis (A'99) spoke on behalf of his family. "My sister [Sarah Yodzis Audibert (A'00)] and I, both graduates of the Academy of the Holy Names, understand the value of a great education. Our family also understands that a great academic institution like the Academy must continue to grow and change in order to provide future generations the opportunity to receive a world-class education.... Great education is rooted in providing students the environment that encourages individualized learning." The Academy extends a huge thank you to the Yodzis family--Chip, Carolyn, John and Sarah--for their continued support of the Academy.

Additionally, the Bailey Family Foundation has doubled its pledge to the Academy Ascending campaign. "The Bailey Family Foundation has decided to increase its initial pledge of $500,000 to $1 million because of the confidence it has in the Academy's leadership and the exciting direction AHN is taking to benefit all students of today and tomorrow." A portion of the first installment of the foundation's pledge went towards building the new Innovation Lab at the school.

Gifts such as these indicate the faith our community has in the path the Academy is taking.

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