To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Bailey Family Center for the Arts


Center for the Arts (RESERVED)


Theatre (RESERVED)


Theatre Stage (RESERVED)


Art Gallery (RESERVED)
Theatre Balcony


Art Center Commons
Open-Air Canopied Walkway


2D Art Studio
3D Art Studio (RESERVED)
Elementary Art Studio
Elevator (3 of 4 remaining)
Music Studio A
Music Studio B
Theatre Dance Studio A (RESERVED)
Theatre Dance Studio B


Art Teacher Planning and Restroom
Concession Stand (RESERVED)
Control Booth (Light/Sound) (RESERVED)
Courtyard Plaza
Darkroom (RESERVED)
Mechanical Room
Theatre/Dance Teacher Planning and Restroom
Ticket Booth (RESERVED)



Band & Chorus Teacher Planning
Communications Room (Control Room)
Exterior Garden Boxes (RESERVED)
Kiln Room (2 of 2 remaining)
Seating Alcove (RESERVED)
Stage Dressing Room & Restroom (2 of 2 remaining)
Stage Storage & Laundry


Band Practice Room
Chorus and Band Practice Room
Chorus Practice Room (RESERVED)
Covered Art Patios (RESERVED)
Stairway (2 of 2 remaining)
Theatre Vestibule and Stairs (2 of 2 remaining)


Balcony Box Seating (RESERVED)
Orchestra Box Seating (RESERVED)
Esse Quam Videri Banner Lamp Posts (5 of 6 remaining)


Dance Storage (2 of 2 remaining)
Drinking Fountains (2 of 2 remaining)
Exterior Benches (RESERVED)
Interior Benches (2 of 11 remaining)