Bailey Family Center for the Arts


Center for the Arts (RESERVED)


Theatre (RESERVED)


Theatre Stage (RESERVED)


Design Maker Lab
Theatre Balcony
Art Center Commons
Art Gallery (RESERVED)


Open-Air Canopied Walkway


2D Art Studio
3D Art Studio (RESERVED)
Courtyard Plaza
Open-Air Canopied Walkway
Elementary Art Studio
Music Studio A
Music Studio B
Theater Dance Studio A (RESERVED)
Theatre Dance Studio B
Elevator (3 of 4 remaining)
Concessions/Catering (RESERVED)
Ticket Booth (RESERVED)


Communications Room (Control Room)
Control Booth (Light/Sound) (RESERVED)
Mechanical Room
Darkroom (RESERVED)
Theatre/Dance Teacher Planning and Restroom
Art Teacher Planning and Restroom


Band & Chorus Teacher Planning
Stage Dressing Room & Restroom (2 of 2 remaining)
Stage Storage & Laundry
Kiln Room (2 of 2 remaining)
Exterior Garden Boxes (RESERVED)
Stairway (2 of 2 remaining)


Covered Art Patios (RESERVED)
Theatre Vestibule and Stairs (2 of 2 remaining)
Chorus Practice Room (RESERVED)
Chorus and Band Practice Room
Band Practice Room


Outdoor Lamp Posts (13 of 13 remaining)
Balcony Box Seating (RESERVED)
Orchestra Box Seating (RESERVED)


Dance Storage (2 of 2 remaining)
Drinking Fountains (2 of 2 remaining)
Exterior Benches (7 of 13 remaining)
Interior Benches (4 of 11 remaining)