To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Academy Ascending goal?

The Academy Ascending campaign seeks to raise $13 million, with a focus on bricks-and-mortar gifts. We've already raised $10 million, making this the largest campaign in the school's history!

If I give to the Academy annually already, why should I give to the Academy Ascending campaign?

While annual giving is a necessary component of balancing the operating budget, annual giving funds do not support capital projects. New construction and renovations are not included in the operating budget. These projects must be funded through fundraising and other revenue sources.

As with a donation to annual giving, a donation to the capital campaign is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Aren’t campaigns like this one just for people who can make very large contributions?

All gifts, small or large, will make a difference for Academy Ascending’s success. Consequently, all members of the AHN community will be asked to support the campaign to the highest level they are best able. This includes current and past parents, alumni, grandparents, friends and corporations.

Who decided these projects are necessary?

The decision by the Sisters of the Holy Names, together with the Academy’s Board of Trustees, to implement the Academy Ascending campaign is a mission of vision and vital growth.

Will a gift to the Academy Ascending campaign be tax deductible?

Gifts to Academy Ascending are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

I’m interested in helping. Does the Academy need any volunteers?

Absolutely! The Academy Ascending campaign is a community-wide project. There are myriad ways to be involved. If you would like additional information, please contact the Advancement Office.

What are the naming opportunities associated with Academy Ascending?

Unique naming opportunities and various giving levels will be forthcoming as architectural designs are completed. All gifts may be made in honor of or in memory of a special individual or collectively on behalf of a family.

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Can I give some stock I own to the Academy Ascending campaign?

Gifts of stock may be transferred to the Academy and counted toward the Academy Ascending campaign. Please contact the Advancement Office for information about making a stock transfer.

I want to put the Academy in my will. Will that help the Academy Ascending campaign?

A bequest or planned gift is a wonderful way to support the Academy Ascending campaign. In fact, the Academy has a goal of acquiring at least 20 new bequests or planned gifts through the Academy Ascending campaign.

True to the charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, the Academy is committed to providing a faith-based, exemplary education for children of families from varying economic backgrounds. The rich, cultural diversity of our student body is part of what makes the leaning experience uniquely special, and it is part of what makes our alumni so proud of their alma mater. A future bequest gift will support this charism either by providing endowed scholarships, faculty development or support of another AHN program.

May I pay my gift in installments?

Multi-year pledges are accepted for the Academy Ascending campaign, and they are generally three to five years in duration. In approved instances, pledge periods beyond five years may be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. Pledges must be secured in writing and recorded by the Advancement Office, which will then generate pledge reminders based on donors’ wishes.

How will the new buildings and redesign be paid for?

Funding for capital improvements are based on a combination of philanthropic contributions, cash reserves and outside financing, if necessary.

Why should I give to the Academy Ascending campaign when it may not directly benefit my child?

The Academy would be a far different school today were it not for the generosity of its donors--some who never had students attend the school. Students who attend the school today benefit from past gifts, just as the students of tomorrow will benefit from gifts to the Academy Ascending campaign. If we are to ensure the mission of Blessed Marie Rose and the Sisters of the Holy Names remains alive for generations to come, it is important to leave a lasting legacy through the Academy Ascending campaign. Every gift helps us towards our goal.

For grandparents/alumni/friends of the Academy, why should we contribute to Academy Ascending?

Our mission at the Academy of the Holy Names is to empower students to be authentic individuals who engage in independent thought, are inspired by creativity, and lead culturally aware, spiritually rich lives. The Academy's mission reflects the core values of the Sisters of the Holy Names, including to help those who may not be able to afford an Academy education.

In order to support our mission, more than $1.5 million each year in some form of aid is given to 22 percent of our students. Ongoing financial support is vital not only to the Academy’s mission, but also to helping us transform our campus into a facility that supports new and emerging models of contemporary learning and advanced technology. Your generous gift, combined with so many others, will serve Academy students and faculty for generations to come.

If the Academy is shifting its teaching styles, how will teachers be prepared to lead in a new environment?

In the fall of 2014, the Academy unveiled its new Innovation Lab, or iLab. Eight Innovation Fellows were selected from an applicant pool to teach in the new space. The fellows participated in special workshops with an education planner on the best way to instruct students in a 21st century learning environment. The fellowship provided faculty the support for and challenge to create programs featuring the skills required in students' future lives. This first group of fellows were charged with teaching their peers the most effective and engaging ways to teach in a 21st century space.

The Academy has made sure that all of its teachers are prepared to instruct students in a new environment. What we have found, however, is that our students and teachers are already adapting to 21st century education models; our building, in its current state, is not adapting with them.

Is there someone specific I can contact to ask questions about the campaign?

Yes! We welcome the opportunity to talk to you one-on-one about the Academy Ascending campaign. Please contact Debbie Gavalas, the Academy’s director of advancement, at or (813) 835-3522.