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Empowered to express, Encouraged to excel

We are dedicated to fueling creativity, artistic expression, and personal growth in our students. We believe in the transformative power of an arts education.

Our Commitment to Artistic Learning

At AHN, we believe that experience in the creative process is essential for all learners. Through the arts, students learn to solve problems with skill and imagination, explore new ideas, and produce original works. We offer a comprehensive arts curriculum that promotes artistic learning, exploration, and expression. By engaging in and learning about the arts, our students develop their capacity to make meaning from their experiences, respond to creativity, and contribute to society.

The AHN Arts program encompasses both the Visual Arts and Performing Arts divisions, offering a comprehensive curriculum that empowers students to explore their passions and develop their artistic voices. With dedicated faculty and exceptional facilities, we create an environment that nurtures artistic talents, encourages interdisciplinary learning, and promotes collaboration.

Through our comprehensive Arts program, we provide a rich and engaging curriculum that encompasses a wide range of artistic disciplines, including visual arts, music, theater, and dance.

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Fine Arts Mission

We believe the arts are an inherent form of human expression—a voice given to the human spirit—that contributes to our culture and our way of living. Honoring the artistic tradition set by the Sisters of the Holy Names and committed to the full development of our students, we foster a life-long passion for the arts that:

  • Nurtures an intimate connection between the creative spirit and its artistic expression;
  • Awakens and empowers personal artistic voice and confidence;
  • Develops students’ unique skills and talents;
  • Provides in-depth arts experiences where students make meaning, think critically, act collaboratively, and respond with creativity, imagination, and integrity.

Our goal is to provide equal opportunities for all students to discover the enriching power, intellectual excitement, and joy of competence in the arts. The Academy concurs with educational leaders in declaring that aesthetic knowledge is central to the full development of a human person and that mastery in the arts is a lifelong process.


Arts in the Lower School

In the Lower School, we believe in nurturing the artistic talents of our young students and encouraging their creative expression. Our program gives students the opportunity to explore various art forms, including visual arts, music, and drama. Our dedicated faculty guides students through age-appropriate projects and activities that inspire their artistic growth, develop their skills, and ignite their imagination. By providing a supportive and stimulating environment, we empower our students to explore their artistic potential and discover their unique artistic voices.

Arts in the Middle School

In the Middle School, we continue to build upon the foundation established in the Lower School, further expanding students' artistic horizons. Our Middle School arts program offers a wide range of opportunities for students to delve deeper into their chosen art forms and explore new areas of interest. Through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on projects, and performances, students gain a deeper understanding of artistic concepts and techniques while honing their skills and creativity. Our dedicated faculty guides and mentors students, encouraging them to take risks, express themselves, and develop a strong sense of artistic identity.

Arts in the High School

Our high school arts program is a vibrant and empowering community where students explore, create, and excel in a diverse range of artistic disciplines. Through project- and performance-based curricula, students develop technical skills, delve into big ideas, and cultivate lifelong artistic voices. With personalized guidance, students refine their skills and gain confidence in their unique artistic identities. Through exhibitions and showcases, students share their creations, developing a sense of pride and accomplishment. Join our high school arts program and unleash your creative potential, discover your artistic voice, and forge lifelong connections in a supportive and inspiring environment.

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