Alumni Mentoring Directory

It has been said of today’s world, “In the social age, knowledge is only powerful if you share what you know.” The Academy is calling on its alumni to share what they know! The Alumni Office is creating an alumni mentoring directory with areas of expertise, contact information and schedules of availability. From live meetings to digital interactions, there is opportunity for all alumni to get involved.

College-age alumni can use the directory to identify alumni in their area to serve as mentors and resources as they navigate their first year of college and beyond. Current high school students will have access to the directory and be responsible for contacting alumni working in their areas of interest to arrange shadowing opportunities throughout the school year and summer.

Any alumni living outside the Tampa Bay area and not in a college town who are interested in sharing their expertise with an entire class in our high school will be listed in the directory for faculty and students to use as class resources and possible guest speakers via Skype.

If you would like to be included in the mentoring directory, please complete the form below, or contact Gabrielle Babin A'11, advancement associate.