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Alumnus of the Year

The Alumnus of the Year Award will be presented to a former student who, because of the values instilled through a Holy Names education, has demonstrated exemplary leadership and service to the Holy Names Community and to the community-at-large. Nominate an alumnus below. The nomination deadline is May 1st.

Alumnus of the Year Nomination

Mary Ann Fernandez Fontaine S’64, Betty Alchediak Mest S’64, Dr. Liana Fernandez Fox S’64, Bob Fox, Linda Cimino Prado S’65, Judy DeVaux Ferlita S’65 and Elaine Fernandez S’65

Past Recipients

  • 1997: Pat Torres A’68 and Mary Rose Devlin Owens S’49
  • 1998: Sylvia Guagliardo Reina A’58 and Sr. Elinor Sevigny, SNJM S’53
  • 1999: Wanda Frederick S’47 and Raquel Carrodeguas-Timberlake A’72
  • 2000: Patricia Alchediak S’59 and Bernadette Roberts Storck S’53
  • 2001: Richard Gonzmart B’67
  • 2002: Norma Ramentol Farinola S’42
  • 2003: Robert Healy B’71
  • 2004: Virginia Hernandez Covington A’73
  • 2005: Claudine Diaz Caballero A’86, Patricia Freeze Givens A’70, Suzette Lemrow A’86, Myra Marretta McLeod S’64 and Sr. Mary Patricia Plumb, SNJM A’55
  • 2006: Deanne Dewey Roberts A’70
  • 2007: Rose V. Ferlita A’63
  • 2008: Elizabeth Giavani Verville A’57
  • 2009: Patty Power Bohannan A’77 and Susan Griffis A’66
  • 2010: Julie Anne White Parker A’77
  • 2011: Jennifer Reina Epps A’84
  • 2012: SFC Paula LeBov A’79
  • 2013: Toni Pelaez Campisi A’68
  • 2014: Niña Uzzle-Harris A’82
  • 2015: Bill Schifino, Jr. B'74
  • 2016: Sylvia "Nootchie" Vega Smith A'59
  • 2017: Therese Cullen Seal A'60
  • 2018: Dr. Liana Fernandez Fox S’64