Alumnus of the Year

The Alumnus of the Year Award will be presented to a former student who, because of the values instilled through a Holy Names education, has demonstrated exemplary leadership and service to the Holy Names Community and to the community-at-large. Nominate an alumnus below. The nomination deadline is May 1st.

Alumnus of the Year Nomination

2014 Alumnus of the Year Raulnina Uzzle-Harris (A'82), right, with husband, Rodney Harris.

Past Recipients

  • 1997: Pat Torres (A’68) and Mary Rose Devlin Owens (S’49)
  • 1998: Sylvia Guagliardo Reina (A’58) and Sr. Elinor Sevigny, SNJM (S’53)
  • 1999: Wanda Frederick (S’47) and Raquel Carrodeguas-Timberlake (A’72)
  • 2000: Patricia Alchediak (S’59) and Bernadette Roberts Storck (S’53)
  • 2001: Richard Gonzmart (B’67)
  • 2002: Norma Ramentol Farinola (S’42)
  • 2003: Robert Healy (B’71)
  • 2004: Virginia Hernandez Covington (A’73)
  • 2005: Claudine Diaz Caballero (A’86), Patricia Freeze Givens (A’70), Suzette Lemrow (A’86), Myra Marretta McLeod (S’64) and Sr. Mary Patricia Plumb, SNJM (A’55)
  • 2006: Deanne Dewey Roberts (A’70)
  • 2007: Rose V. Ferlita (A’63)
  • 2008: Elizabeth Giavani Verville (A’57)
  • 2009: Patty Power Bohannan (A’77) and Susan Griffis (A’66)
  • 2010: Julie Anne White Parker (A’77)
  • 2011: Jennifer Reina Epps (A’84)
  • 2012: SFC Paula LeBov (A’79)
  • 2013: Toni Pelaez Campisi (A’68)
  • 2014: Niña Uzzle-Harris (A’82)
  • 2015: Bill Schifino, Jr. (B'74)
  • 2016: Sylvia "Nootchie" Vega Smith (A'59)
  • 2017: Therese Cullen Seal (A'60)