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Welcome to the Holy Names Alumni Association (HNAA), where cherished traditions and enduring connections come alive. As a distinguished institution with a legacy deeply rooted in excellence, our beloved Academy has produced exceptional graduates from Sacred Heart Academy, Boys Academy, and the Academy of the Holy Names.

With great pride, our alumni association embraces the shared experiences that have shaped the lives of countless individuals, and we are committed to securing the transformative opportunities for future generations of students in the vibrant Tampa Bay area. Join us as we celebrate our collective journey and continue to pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.


You will find it on the Bayshore, The school that we love best, With its ivory walls so stately And the cross, its beacon crest. Oh, we love the soil that bears her And the trees that 'round her grow, More glorious sight you'll ne'er behold No matter where you go!

We are proud to boast her teachings, Her glory and success; We will always stand behind her, 'Tis the road to happiness. We will honor and defend her As down the years we roam, So stand and cheer Academy, Our Alma Mater home!