To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Campus Visits

Visit the Academy and learn why we are like no other school in Tampa Bay. The Academy empowers students to be authentic individuals who engage in independent thought, are inspired by creativity, and lead culturally aware, spiritually rich lives. Our innovative approach to curriculum integrates technology, encourages artistic expression, and actively engages students in exploration and inquiry.

The Academy offers unparalleled learning environments that are conducive to 21st century education. Equipped with top-of-the-line technology and flexible furnishings, Academy students love working in the newly redesigned middle and high schools. These spaces promote collaboration and creativity while exposing students to an atmosphere comparable to top universities and workplaces.

For many years now, Academy graduates have gone on to schools--and ultimately lives--formed by the education they received at the school. As a Catholic learning community, the Academy is committed to preparing students for the future by providing programs and activities that advance academic excellence and service to others; foster spiritual, personal and physical growth; promote inclusion of all community members; and embody the core values of a Holy Names education. The Academy welcomes families of all faiths and backgrounds.


Important Dates

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