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Technology Enhanced Learning

At the Academy, we are proud our rich history as the oldest school in Tampa Bay while also embracing the future of education. Since our founding by forward-thinking Sisters in 1881, we have continually strived to provide our students with the best tools and resources to excel in their academic journeys. In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, preparing our students for success means equipping them with the essential digital tools they need.

The Academy has made a significant investment in a comprehensive technology program that ensures each student has the necessary digital resources to enhance their education and growth. Our commitment to technology-enhanced learning extends beyond just providing hardware and software; we have dedicated instructional technology specialists who work hand-in-hand with our teachers to integrate technology seamlessly into the classroom.

Classroom Technology

Grade Technology
Pre-K to Grade 4 Classroom set of iPad devices
Grade 5 Chromebook
Grades 6-8 2:1 Program (iPad and Chromebook)
Grades 9-12 2:1 Program (iPad and MacBook)
Faculty iPad and MacBook

2:1 Technology Program FAQs