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Lower School (PK-4)

To be a lifelong, independent learner

We believe that learning and education do not just occur inside our building. The Academy is a community based on a partnership between students, teachers, families and administration.

At AHN, we aspire to provide our students with an excellent education to ensure each one develops his or her God-given potential. We strive to build a community where students have a sense of belonging to engage in learning and thrive. Driven by our mission as an SNJM school, we teach to the whole child. Throughout each day, students learn the social-emotional skills needed to establish and maintain positive relationships, manage their emotions, collaborate with others, and accept responsibility. Our students grow in virtue and learn to improve their lives and the lives of others.

Responsive Classroom 
Responsive Classroom is a research-based approach that boosts teacher effectiveness and student achievement while cultivating a positive school environment. Responsive Classroom builds competencies in four key domains, each enabling and enriching the others: engaging academics, positive community, effective management, and developmental awareness.  
These practices come to life through Morning Meetings and Logical Consequences. Morning Meetings promote a sense of togetherness through greetings and activities, while Logical Consequences offer a respectful way to address misbehavior and encourage growth.

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a community of faith and love

Lower school students attend weekly Chapel services (Pre-K to 1st grade) and Mass celebrations (2nd to 4th grade), learning how to love God and love others. Each day begins with a Morning Meeting  that promotes respect, collaboration, and community through shared stories and activities.

Friendships extend beyond classrooms and are strengthened by buddy activities, school-wide community service, and grade-level retreats. This unity and commitment to service enrich every child's AHN experience.

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a passion for educating

Our Lower School educators are dedicated to nurturing your child's academic, spiritual, and social-emotional growth. Each classroom is staffed by both teachers and teaching assistants, providing opportunities for individualized learning and support.

Our specialist teachers collaborate on cross curricular lessons in Spanish, science, media, art, music, drama, and physical education. Guidance counselors and ESE specialists equip students with effective learning strategies to improve focus and academic achievement, while providing a rich social-emotional curriculum to build healthy relationships.

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