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At the Academy of the Holy Names, our co-curricular programs are intricately woven into our mission and vision, fostering the growth and realization of our students' full potential. These activities emphasize qualities such as initiative, leadership, and service, in harmony with the SNJM Core Values. Engaging in these co-curricular pursuits provides our students with a valuable platform to enhance essential life skills that will serve them well into the future.


Students in grades 9-12 hold leadership roles within the school


Students in grades 9-12 participate in interest and service clubs


The Advisory program is thoughtfully designed and aimed to unlock the innate potential of young women to fulfill the God-given potential of young women as faith-filled, independent and just. Each student will be assigned to an advisory group consisting of peers from their grade level, accompanied by a dedicated faculty advisor throughout their high school journey. This close-knit community not only serves as a homeroom but also acts as an invaluable support network, fostering sisterhood and bolstering self-confidence for every student during their time at the Academy.

Flex Time

On designated days, students will have the autonomy to choose from various sessions tailored to cater to their individual needs and interests. These offerings include dedicated time for Liturgy and Catholic faith enrichment, workshops focusing on study skills, effective test-taking strategies, social-emotional learning, as well as comprehensive college and career counseling. During this time, our faculty members will be accessible in tutoring labs to offer additional academic support to students.

Clubs at the Academy

Our clubs are envisioned and spearheaded by students, with the guidance of a dedicated faculty moderator. Students are encouraged to take initiative in creating both service-oriented and interest-based clubs, all with a mission that resonates with our school's core values. Active participation in these clubs, along with assuming leadership roles, provides students with valuable opportunities to enhance their collaborative, communication, and time management skills—skills that prove beneficial not only within the academic setting but also in various aspects of their lives.


Gold Clubs require an application or membership invitation and therefore are not listed during the club registration window. Gold Clubs meet weekly during designated flex time.  

  • Golden Girls
  • Speech and Debate Team
  • Student Council
  • Teen Leadership Council (TLC)


Students who wish to participate will register for one Blue Club during the club registration window. Blue Clubs meet bi-weekly during the designated flex time.

  • AHN Theater Club
  • Business Club
  • Cornerstone Kids
  • Crochet for Charity
  • Engineering Club
  • HOSA/MedEx
  • Math Club 
  • Peer Faith Community
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Wellness
  • Young Women for Freedom


Students join during the club registration window and may register for no more than three Out-of-School Clubs. The meeting dates/times are determined and mutually agreed upon by the club leaders and moderator.

  • AHN Lifts
  • Animals in Action
  • Art Club
  • Best Buddies
  • Book Club
  • Chain Reaction
  • Comedy Club: Hits & Giggles
  • Dance Club
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • French Club
  • Gold Star 
  • Hands of Hope Committee
  • JagWires Robotics
  • Junior Classical League 
  • Key Club
  • Media Club
  • Model UN
  • Our Earth
  • Podcast Club
  • P.O.W.E.R.
  • Pre-law Club
  • Respect for Life
  • Rosary Club