Elementary School

Welcome to the Academy of the Holy Names Elementary School. We are an independent, Catholic school founded in the charisms of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Established in 1881, our tradition is rich but it has always been one based on the idea of being forward-thinking and meeting the needs of the time. In 1881, that need was to educate women and children. Today, it is to prepare our children for a world that will be much different from the world we live in now.

Here at the Academy we believe that learning and education does not just occur inside our building. We are a community based on a partnership between students, teachers, families and administration. As a community we must work together and support each other to help our students become the conscientious thinkers that the 21st century demands. Our students must become resilient scholars who can think critically, analyze data, work as a team, communicate in a variety of manners and show resiliency, while at the same time developing and maintaining the Catholic values that are at the core of an SNJM education.

Learning and teaching are dynamic and engaging processes at the Academy of the Holy Names, and the cornerstone of our curriculum is the mission of the Sisters of the Holy Names. Experienced and caring educators provide students with opportunities that stimulate their intrinsic curiosity and eagerness to discover new ideas and skills. In addition to academics, students experience spiritual development daily. Students are taught age-appropriate tenets of the Catholic faith, as well as the importance of the universal values of honesty, responsibility, respect and kindness. The technology-rich campus, together with integrated and project-based learning, makes collaborating, communicating, creating and critical-thinking part of students’ everyday lives.

A traditional goal of education is to prepare children for the next step in their lives. Here at the Academy of the Holy Names, we believe we must do more than that. We believe in helping children grow into who they are and who they can be, valuing their ability to take leadership, initiative and effective action in a complex, diverse and dynamic world. We develop every student’s capacity to follow passions, reach for new experiences, nurture inner spirit and live with meaning and purpose. Our students learn not from received wisdom, but from actively engaging in their education and partnering with teachers and fellow students to tackle complex problems and to find creative solutions.

God Bless,

Bridgid Fishman

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