To Be, Rather Than to Seem

Holy Names Heritage Center

The Holy Names Heritage Center’s mission is to preserve, interpret, communicate, and promote the significant stories, historical development, and social impact of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) of Tampa, Florida. The Center serves as a permanent home that not only articulates the stories of the Sisters, the school, and the relationships within the community, but also a place that celebrates and informs the present and the future as our history continues to be written.

The Academy of the Holy Names is grateful for the generous support from the following alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends who helped make the dream of a Heritage Center possible.

Holy Names Heritage Center

Richard and Melanie Gonzmart

Blessed Marie Rose Chapel Doorway Stained Glass

Rick and Marie Barkett


The Cronen Family
The Girsch Family
The Schellman Family
Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary

Stained Glass Windows

The Class of 1977
The Class of 1978
The Kull Family in honor of Kristen Sprehe Kull, A 1999
The Mintz Family - Eric, Nicole, A 1990, Chloe, A 2022 and Zach, A 2018
John and Lydia Oliva, S 1960
Art and Maureen Raimo
The Rauenhorst Family - Neil, Becky and Rebecca, A 2010
Ty and Brenda Trayner, Taylor, A 2011 and Spencer, A 2009

Hall Display Cases

Aaron and Nina McGucken Alvarez, A 2001 and Angela Spicola Morgan, A 1967
Sam and Aileen Martino, Emily, A 1989, Andrea, A 1993 and Erin, A 1997

Stained Glass Display Room Transoms

The Culbreath Family – Kay Culbreath Heller
Monsignor Robert C. Gibbons
Jeffrey and Velen Diaz Thompson, A 1983
Raulniña Uzzle-Harris, MD A 1982 and Rodney Harris with eternal gratitude to Bertha L. Wilson

All Technology

The Jung Family


Rose Lee Capitano Garcia, S 1959
The Mastro Family - Jovanna, A 2009, Stephano, A 2011 and Sophia, A 2017
The John Reeber Family - Ashley, A 2007 and Dania, A 2010
The Rivera Family - Hector J., A 1992 and Hadley, Hector G., A 2022 and Hudson, A 2024
The Stagg Family - Stephen, B 1982, Micky Tamayo Stagg, A 1982, Carly, A 2014 and Samantha, A 2017
Paul and Katie Wasylik Switalski, A 1991 and Family

Display Cases

The Alchediak Family in gratitude for the Sisters of the Holy Names
Angela Nistal Allenburg, A 1944 in gratitude to the Sisters of the Holy Names
Michele Diaz Avila, A 1982 and Alicia Avila, A 2016 in memory of Elsa Garcia Diaz
The Bailin Family - Brigitte Beauchamp-Bailin Gandolfo, A 2004
The Class of 1979
The Class of 1992
The Corral Family
The Elliott Family in honor of Becky, A 1984, Katie, A 2012 and Sarah, A 2014
Fred Farinola and Family in memory of Norma Ramentol Farinola, S 1942
Susan Griffis, MD, A 1966 in honor of Sister Theresa Lowe and Sister Patricia Parachini
Margo B. Hammar, A 1979 in honor of Barbara B. Hammar
Vivien A. Oliva, A 1963 in memory of Martin and Alice Oliva
Therese Cullen Seal, A 1960
The Laureano Torres Family
Bob, Sharon and Kimberly West, A 1994 in memory of Harold and Norma Topp

Heritage Center Archive Committee

BACK: Sister Lisa Perkowski, Maureen Kearney, Edie LeBas, Pat Torres, Sister Mariellen Blaser, Toni Campisi, Maureen Raimo, and Patty Bohannan. FRONT: Emily Swiger, Pat Alchediak, Alice Newell, Sharon West, Kris Kant, and Aileen Martino. Not Pictured: Sharon Bowman

In alphabetical order, we thank...

  • Academy of the Holy Names Elementary & Middle Schools
  • Ms. Stephanie Agliano, A 1977
  • Dr. Patricia Alchediak, S 1959
  • Ms. Nancy Alchediak, S 1956
  • Mr. Nicholas Allen and Mrs. Teil Reiber Allen, A 1992
  • Ms. Angela Nistal Allenburg, A 1944
  • Mr. Aaron Alvarez and Mrs. Nina McGucken Alvarez, A 2001
  • Ms. Rosalie Vizzi Arthur, A 1977
  • Ms. Tina Aucoin, A 1992
  • Ms. Sharon Caravella Austin, A 1974
  • Mr. Nicolas Avila and Mrs. Michele Diaz Avila, A 1982
  • Ms. Alicia Avila, A 2016
  • Mr. Bob Bachman and Mrs. Melody Nasrallah Bachman, A 1978
  • Mrs. Teresa Larrinaga Bailey, A 1979
  • Mrs. Olga M. Bailin
  • Mrs. Kristen Webster Banta, A 1992
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barkett
  • Mrs. Mary Teresa Fuentes Batty, A 1943
  • Mr. Loren Behuniak and Mrs. Margaret Behuniak, A 1992
  • Col. Vincent Bentley and Mrs. Marsha Cooper Bentley, A 1978
  • Mr. Scott Besece and Mrs. Dina Castellano Besece, A 1984
  • Mr. Richard Blank, Jr., B 1970 and Mrs. Pam Blank
  • Mr. Robert Bohannan and Mrs. Patricia Power Bohannan, A 1977
  • Ms. Jenny Bowman, A 1992
  • Mr. Thomas Boyle and Mrs. Susan Krist Boyle, A 1965
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carlton and Josephine Brown
  • Mr. Phillip Cacciatore and Mrs. Noreen MacLean Cacciatore, A 1979
  • Mrs. Angela Caldevilla
  • Ms. Elizabeth Callahan, A 1979
  • Dr. Carlos Cartaya and Mrs. Lara Nicosia Cartaya, A 1992
  • Mr. Gregory Cary and Mrs. Carolyn Blank Cary, A 1979
  • Mr. Jose Castellanos and Mrs. Michele Holfelder Castellanos, A 1992
  • Dr. Maria Fernandez Chahine, A 1978 and Mr. Paul Chahine
  • Mr. Mark Clendinning and Mrs. Barbara Cornett Clendinning, A 1978
  • Mrs. Jeanne S. Clewis
  • Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Jere Cook
  • Dr. and Mrs. Kent Corral
  • Ms. Ivonne Couret, A 1983
  • Mr. Jonathan Crawley and Mrs. Caralie Courty Crawley, A 1977
  • Mr. George Cretekos and Mrs. Carolyn Farinola Cretekos, A 1970
  • Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Cronen
  • Ms. Maribea Crosby
  • Ms. Omayra Cruz, A 1992
  • Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Culbreath
  • Culbreath Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Mr. David Dabbs and Mrs. Jennifer Fernandez Dabbs, A 1989
  • Ms. Beverly Daly, A 1992
  • Mr. Gary Davis and Mrs. Debbie Meyer Davis, A 1977
  • Mr. Robert Day and Mrs. Laura Roebuck Day, A 1978
  • and Ms. Katherine Dean, A 1978
  • Mrs. Lillian Plazewski Dehghan, A 1979
  • Mr. John Delk and Mrs. Joan Ellis Delk, A 1979
  • Ms. Ann Marie DeMesa, A 1978
  • Mr. Colby Denison and Mrs. Susanne Cusack Denison, A 1992
  • Mr. Dan Dowell and Mrs. Michelle Pupello Dowell, A 1979
  • Mr. Daniel Durkee and Mrs. Diane Hickey Durkee, A 1977
  • Ms. Susan Melendi Dye, A 1992
  • Mr. Eric Ebbert and Mrs. Blythe Williams Ebbert, A 1977
  • Mr. Thomas Elliott and Mrs. Rebecca Gunderman Elliott, A 1984
  • Dr. Trina Espinola, A 1978
  • Mr. Fred Farinola
  • Mr. Jerome Farinola, B 1970 and Mrs. Patty Farinola
  • Ms. Karen Ferreri, A 1978
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Z. Fishman
  • Mr. Brian Fitzgerald and Mrs. Ariadne Michaelides Fitzgerald, A 1978
  • Mr. Matthew Fonk and Mrs. Sarah Buss Fonk, A 1992
  • Mrs. Gloria Frassa
  • Ms. Margaret Frederick, S 1950
  • Ms. Wanda Frederick, S 1947
  • Ms. Blanche Henning Fricks, S 1950
  • Mr. Steve Fultz and Mrs. Grace Canniff Fultz, A 1979
  • Brigitte Beauchamp-Bailin Gandolfo, A 2004
  • Mrs. Rose Lee Capitano Garcia, S 1959
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garcia
  • Ms. Carole Garcia, A 1978
  • Mrs. Debbie Gavalas and Mr. Robert Ritchie
  • Monsignor Robert Gibbons, S 1963
  • Mr. Marcel Gilbert and Mrs. Michelle Garcia Gilbert, A 1978
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Girsch
  • Ms. Susan Glickman, A 1977
  • Mr. Richard Gonzmart, B 1967 and Mrs. Melanie Heiny Gonzmart, A 1972
  • Jennifer Gowdy, A 1992
  • Mrs. Kimberly Valenti Grandoff, A 1977
  • Mr. Kevin Gray and Mrs. Margaret Boyle Gray, A 2000
  • Mr. David Grieco and Mrs. Angela Slazas Grieco, A 1979
  • Dr. Susan Griffis, A 1966
  • Mr. Jim Rettig and Ms. Angela Ferrante Guagliardo-Rettig, A 1959
  • Mr. John Haemmerlie and Mrs. Annette Farinola Haemmerlie, A 1969
  • Mr. Kevin Hagen and Mrs. Dacia Wadsworth Hagen, A 1977
  • Ms. Margo Hammar, A 1979
  • Mr. Richard Hatcher, B 1972 and Mrs. Nancye Dozier Hatcher A 1978
  • Mrs. Kay Culbreath Heller
  • Mr. Thomas Hill and Mrs. Rebekah Krist Hill, A 2000
  • Mrs. Ashley Reeber Hobson, A 2007
  • Mrs. Diana Fernandez Hodge, A 1979
  • Mr. Hal Holtsinger
  • Mr. Daniel Howell and Mrs. Mary Holtsinger Howell, A 1975
  • Mrs. Ann Iannarelli and Mr. Ronald J. Iannarelli
  • Mrs. Mary Iavarone and Family
  • Mr. Michael Jaap and Mrs. Margaret Power Jaap, A 1983
  • Mr. John Johnson and Mrs. Jamie Jones Johnson, A 1977
  • Mr. Daniel Jones and Mrs. Ana Diaz Jones, A 1978
  • Mr. Scott Jonson and Mrs. Rosemary Whalen Jonson, A 1980
  • Mrs. Ellen Hartman Jordan
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Jung
  • Mrs. Kelly Chastain Kaplan, A 1992
  • Mrs. Gail McGucken Keffer, A 1963
  • Mr. Lou Waller and Ms. Mary Ann Kelly, A 1977
  • Mr. William Kidd and Mrs. Mary Jane Faherty Kidd, A 1957
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Krist
  • Mr. Bary Dedge and Mrs. Teresa Kristensen, A 1992
  • Mr. Mark Kull and Mrs. Kristen Sprehe Kull, A 1999
  • Ms. Laura Clark Lachapelle, A 1978
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Le Bas, Sr.
  • Ms. Susan Loaiza, A 1998
  • Mr. Dave Luke and Mrs. Diane Luke, A 1992
  • Mr. James Lynch, Jr. and Mrs. Laura Nestor Lynch, A 1977
  • Mr. Richard Lyon and Mrs. Joanne Frallicciardi Lyon, A 1967
  • Mrs. Linda Danco MacGregor, A 1979
  • Ms. Vilma Grimany Manteiga, A 1967
  • Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Martino
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mastro
  • Mr. Stephen Matesich and Mrs. Alexa Matesich, A 1992
  • Mrs. Theresa Wood May, A 1978
  • Dr. Clay McEntire and Mrs. Abigail Krist McEntire, A 2003
  • Mr. Steve McKenna and Mrs. Britta Wilk McKenna, A 1979
  • Mrs. Jocelyn Pines McKnight, A 1992
  • Mr. Stuart McKown and Mrs. Lynette Llaneza McKown, A 1977
  • Mr. AC McLaughlin and Mrs. Angela Cacciatore McLaughlin, A 1979
  • Mrs. Susan Denman Mead, A 1949
  • Ms. Danyel Mendoza, A 1992
  • Mr. Rich Millar and Mrs. Lisa Cardoso Millar, A 1992
  • Ms. Bonnie Miller, A 1992
  • Mr. Jack Mills, Jr. and Mrs. Alina Diaz Mills, A 1979
  • Mr. Eric Mintz and Mrs. Nicole Matassini Mintz, A 1990
  • Mr. Moff and Mrs. Theresa Edwards Moff, A 1978
  • Mr. Matthew Mooney and Mrs. Virginia Hurley Mooney, A 2006
  • Mr. Fred Morgan, II and Mrs. Angela Spicola Morgan, A 1967
  • Mr. James Moyer and Mrs. Carlyn Bray Moyer, A 1965
  • Mr. George Munoz and Mrs. Kathy Jurado Munoz, A 1978
  • Ms. Cecilia Rodriguez Muscarella, A 1977
  • Ms. Yvette Garcia Nackers, A 1992
  • Ms. Rosemarie Pollock Neville, S 1958
  • Dr. Timothy Nitzsche and Mrs. Camille Seepersad Nitzsche, A 1992
  • Ms. Sarah Norris, A 2011
  • Ms. Vivien Oliva, A 1963
  • Mr. John Oliva, Sr. and Mrs. Lydia Pomiano Oliva, S 1960
  • Ms. Islee Oliva, A 1977
  • Mrs. Priya Mahtani Onore, A 1992
  • Mr. Kevin Wren and Mrs. Laurie O'Sullivan-Wren, A 1978
  • Mr. Vincent Palori, B 1967 and Mrs. Karen Ficarrotta Palori A 1978
  • Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Pardo
  • Ms. Paula Parrish, A 1975
  • Dr. James Patterson and Mrs. Eileen Burris Patterson, A 1978
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Pennington
  • Mrs. Eva Turpin Persons, A 1959
  • Mrs. Sandy Meyer Pieper, A 1978
  • Ms. Margaret Pilley, A 1979
  • Mr. Jeremy Pipkin and Mrs. Sarah Krist Pipkin, A 1996
  • Dr. Tony Pizzo and Mrs. Julie Flom Pizzo, A 1977
  • Sister Mary Patricia Plumb, SNJM, A 1955
  • Mrs. Frances Garcia Prockop, A 1978
  • Ms. Robin Qualey, A 1978
  • Ms. Mary Anne Quigley, A 1978
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Raimo
  • Mr. Rick Rampi and Mrs. Patricia Aguilar Rampi, A 1977
  • Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rauenhorst
  • Mr. John Reeber
  • Ms. Dania Reeber, A 2010
  • Sister Ann Regan, SNJM
  • Ms. Claudia Regojo, A 1992
  • Mr. Randall Reid and Mrs. Elizabeth Quigley Reid, A 1977
  • Mr. Anthony Reins and Mrs. Lisa Brooks Reins, A 1992
  • Mr. Steve Renner and Mrs. Gladys Garcia Renner, A 1978
  • Hon. Emil Rinaldi and Mrs. Margaret Mariniak Rinaldi, A 1966
  • Mr. Hector J. Rivera, B 1992 and Mrs. Hadley Rivera
  • Mr. Tom Rivers and Mrs. Charon Doke Rivers, A 1977
  • Mr. Tom Roach and Mrs. Betty Pilsbury Roach, A 1978
  • Mrs. Christine Maglione Rosenfeld, A 1992
  • Mr. Bryan Rotella and Mrs. Amy Frassa Rotella, A 1988
  • Mr. Douglas Rowe and Mrs. Amy Schreyer Rowe, A 1992
  • Mr. Carroll Russell, Jr. and Mrs. Kim Healy Russell, A 1978
  • Mr. Costante Salvador and Mrs. Sarah Parsons Salvador, A 1978
  • Mr. James Schalk and Mrs. Lisa Valenti Schalk, A 1979
  • Mr. Chris Schellman and Mrs. Lauren Gonzmart Schellman, A 1994
  • LTC. Thomas Scott, B 1975 and Mrs. Wendy Wood Scott A 1976
  • Ms. Therese Cullen Seal, A 1960
  • Ms. Adrianne Serrano, A 1978
  • Mr. Joshua Sheridan and Mrs. Dina Busciglio Sheridan, A 1992
  • Ms. Luisa Clewis Shupe, A 1977
  • Mr. John Skemp and Mrs. Kathryn Stitt Skemp, A 1997
  • Mrs. Patricia Redmond Skiendziel, A 1992
  • Mr. John Smesko and Mrs. Debbie France Smesko, A 1977
  • Mr. William Smith and Mrs. Patricia Ryan Smith, A 1967
  • Mr. Vance Smith and Mrs. Sylvia Vega Smith, A 1959
  • Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus & Mary
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Spoto
  • Mr. Stephen Stagg, B 1982 and Mrs. Micky Tamayo Stagg, A 1982
  • Ms. Susan Steele, A 2007
  • Mr. and Mrs. Adrianus Steijlen
  • Mr. James Stitt and Mrs. Loretta Perez Stitt, A 1963
  • Mr. Stephen Sutton and Mrs. Alice Torres Sutton, A 1980
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Swiger
  • Dr. Kathleen Wasylik Switalski, A 1991 and Mr. Paul Switalski
  • Mr. Jonathon Szponar, A 1991 and Mrs. Yvonne Figueredo Szponar, A 1992
  • Mrs. Caridad Cabrera Taylor, A 1979
  • Ms. Monica Nelson Tennant, A 1992
  • Mr. Curtis Thomas and Mrs. Mabelle Nestor Thomas, A 1978
  • Mr. Jeffrey Thompson and Mrs. Velen Diaz Thompson, A 1983
  • Ms. Catherine Torres
  • Ms. Patricia Torres, A 1968
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ty Trayner
  • Ms. Teresa Troncoso, A 1977
  • U.S. Medical Specialties, Inc.
  • Dr. Raulniña Uzzle-Harris, A 1982 and Mr. Rodney Harris
  • Ms. Louisa Van Eepoel, A 1965
  • Ms. Mattie Tison Vega, A 1959
  • Mr. David Versel and Mrs. Maurisa Brodsky Versel, A 1992
  • Mr. William Wagner and Mrs. Patricia Klosinski Wagner, A 1977
  • Mr. James Walker and Mrs. Darla Nunnery Walker, A 1996
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert West
  • Mr. Lee Wilkerson and Mrs. Mary Brindley Wilkerson, A 1977
  • Ms. Patricia Willing, A 1972
  • Mr. Boyd Wolf and Mrs. Jennifer Poe Wolf, A 1978
  • Mr. Dan Wolff and Mrs. Janelle Martinez Wolff, A 1992
  • Mr. Randy Zavada and Mrs. Lora Cobb Zavada, A 1978
  • Mrs. Elaine Philipp Zimmerman, A 1979