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October 15, 2013
• First visit and tour of campus
• LeadingPracticesWorkshopwith theAHNCommunity
• FocusGroup Sessionswith School Leadership and Staff
• WorkshopswithTeachers and Students
• Conceptual Explorationof Planning andDesignOpportunities
• EFEIWorkshop
October –November 2013
• Development of Master PlanOptions andOpportunities
• Securing of ExistingBuildingPlans
• ExistingConditions Research
• CampusModeling
• Conceptual Planning of MacDill Campus
• Development of NewParking and Sports Structure
• ConceptualDesignof ArtsCenter
• Conceptual Planning of MediaCenter Conversion
December 5, 2013
• Delivery of FinalDiscoveryReport
December 2013 – January 2014
• WebexMaster Planning&Review SessionswithArthur Raimo
and School LeadershipTeam
• RefinedConcept of InnovationLabPilot Project
• RefinedPlanning of MediaCenter Conversion toMiddle School
• DevelopedConcept of HeritageCenter
• FinalizedPlanning of BradyCenter Renovations
• DevelopedPlanning of Satellite LibraryDistributiononCampus
• Reviewedproposed improvements to Science Labs
Late January –EarlyFebruary 2014
• Final Refinements toAHNMaster Plan
• Final Placement of AdministrativeOfficeswithin theBayshoreBuilding
• Final Refinements toMaster PlanPlacement of Academic Spaces onCampus
• Final Placement of ProposedParkingGarage basedon SPZoneData
• Final Reviewof Master PlanReport Layouts
February 10, 2014
Delivery of FinalMaster Plan
Time Line
Design Process
TheCampusMasterPlanpresented in this report is the resultof
over three months of intensive work and a truly collaborative process
involving the AHN Leadership Team. This team consists of members
of theBoard of Trustees, Administrative andAcademic officers of the
school and the Faculty.
TheMasterPlanprocess startedwith the identificationof twelve
designopportunities thatwould serve to transform the campus through
newconstructionand thoughtful renovationof existingschoolbuildings.
These design opportunities included various new program elements: a
newArts Center for the performing and visual arts, aHeritage Center,
and the adoptionof DaVinci Studios,MakerLabs (STEM) andupdated
ScienceLabs. Theseopportunities also identified strategies for a unified
MiddleSchoolLearningCommunity, satellite librariesdistributedaround
the campus, expansionof theElementary School and theHigh School,
and further development of the school’s dining facilities. The school
leadershiphas directed that academic expansion shall bedriven through
the establishment of the “Small Learning Community” model as the
school moves away from the traditional “Cells and Bells” educational
Over the last several months the FNI team has worked to
develop conceptual programs for these new buildings and spaces,
ensuring that the emerging conceptual designs meet the School’s
projected population growth as well as its academic and administrative
needs for the foreseeable future. Through a series of online meetings
and Leadership Team feedback we have narrowed down the various
options for each conceptual design to form a cohesivemaster plan for
A critical element of the planning process was to understand
the structural limits and challenges posedby each existingbuilding. The
FNI Team studied existing architectural drawings provided by AHN
in order to develop an economically feasible and realistic strategy for
reconfiguring thebuildings’ interiorwalls. This process initially entailed
a rigorousanalysisof thesedocumentsalongwithvisits to thesiteand in-
depthdiscussionswithAHNrepresentatives.Subsequently,we identified
various structural systemsalongwithexistingmechanical, plumbing, and
electrical spaces for the purpose of establishing a grounded framework
that allowed us to develop detailed and contextually responsive interior
The final component of the master planning process was the
development of a logical phasingplan. Thisplan establishes an effective
fundraising timetable. Most importantly, it allows the school to build
and expandwithout disrupting the academic life of the students.
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