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Next Steps
A Campus Master Plan is a living document that guides the growth
and development of an institution over a period of years. This plan
provides a series of actions that will create new facilities for desired
programs and additional expansion space for the growth of the
student population. ThePhasingScheduleprovides a logical sequence
of proposedprojects andminimizes the disruptionof the campus.
AllMasterPlansaresubjectto theavailabilityof funds, timing,approval
processes, and the cycles of the economic climate. As the School
progresses fromPlan toReality, there are a few immediate steps that
can“blaze the trail” and jump-start theplanning andbuildingprocess.
• Ratificationof theCampusMaster Planby theBoardof Trustees
and presentation of the Plan to the entire AHN community to
cultivate grassroots support.
• Design and construction of the Innovation Lab, which is
proposed as the first “Pilot Project” for theAHNCampus. It will
be located on the second floor of the Media Center within the
existingLibrary. TheLabwill be a showcase forwhat 21st century
education looks like inpractice. Itwill catalyze the transformation
of the culture of teaching at the AHN and will hopefully build
enthusiasm for continuedplanned changes to the campus.
• Preliminary Planning andZoningReviewof the planned changes
for the MacDill Campus. In fact, this process has already been
initiatedby theBoard!
• Development of Conceptual Design packages for the new Arts
Center, the parking structure, and the Heritage Center for the
purposes of initiating fundraising campaigns.
InnovationLab atHoraceGreeleyHighSchool
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