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27 |Academy of theHolyNames |Master PlanPackage |FieldingNair International |February 2014
SouthWing: Second Floor
ProposedHigh School Science Center
1) Teacher Collaborative
2) Physics Lab
3) Chemistry Lab
4) Biology Lab
5) Seminar/ConferenceRoom
6) MaSTLab
7) Lab Storage
8) LabPrep.
9) Commons
STEM is an acronym referring to the newmodel of education that integrates the study of
science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into a unified curriculum, which enables
students to discover how these fields are interrelated. STEM generally supports broadening
the study of engineering within each of these key subjects. The design of Science Labs
should support creativity and exploration to help students through independent research and
collaborative team efforts.
Since AHN’s Leadership hasmade a commitment to expand the STEM curriculum; we have
proposed renovating the existing science labs in the South Wing. This will create a greater
degree of flexibility in how the science lab work areas are configured, in line with the goals
of the STEMprogram. In addition to renovating the existing labs, we are also recommending
the creation of a newMaST Lab (Math Science Technology). MaST Labs are designed to
replicate a university level research lab at a smaller scale so that studentswill be able to create a
hypothesis andprove or disprove their assumptions through solid laboratorywork. This type
of labwill further promote the goals of the STEM approach.
Lastly,ourproposedScienceCenter renovationsalso featureamulti-purposededicatedseminar
room that will not be connected to the labs. It also includes a commonwork area that allows
students to leave the laboratory environment and towork out problemswithother students.
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