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24 |Academy of theHolyNames |Master PlanPackage |FieldingNair International |February 2014
Bayshore Building: Third Floor Plan
ProposedHigh School Learning Community andAdministration
1) Learning Studio
2) SmallGroup Study
3) LearningCommons
4) Teacher CollaborativeWorkroom
5) LibraryOffices
6) Instructual Technology Specialists
7) Library
8) TechBar
9) Outdoor LearningDeck
High School Administration
10) Director of Guidance
11) Career Counselors
12) CollegeCounselors
13) Curriculum Specialist
14) LearningResource: StudentWorkroom
14a) LearningResource: Student Commons
15) Registrar
16) MissionEffectivenessCoordinator
17) ConferenceRoom
18) Receptionist
19) AdministrativeAssistant
20) Assistant Principal
21) Principal
TheLibrary/Global LearningCommunity for theHighSchool will be located in the central part of the thirdfloor alongwith the
Director of Media Services’ offices and other related support spaces. AHigh School Small LearningCommunitywill be located
on the south side andoffices for thehigh school administrationon thenorth. Outdoor roof decks on the east andwest sideswill
be converted into “learning decks” that work as an extensionof the library.
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Infill Zone
1...,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23 25,26,27,28,29,30
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