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Heritage Center
Rendering and 3-D Studies
Proposed Interior Layout
3-D Studies
The current connection from the entry lobby in the
Bayshore Building to the Chapel of BlessedMarie Rose
Durocher consists of a single corridor with a floor
sloping down from the lobby and just a fewwindows to
the outside. Within this simple hallway we saw a great
opportunity to create a space that could tell the story of
the Academy of theHolyNames and inform visitors of
the Schools’ values and ethos.
The proposed expansion of this spacewould include the
addition of four small exhibit rooms, recessed lit display
cases, and the insertion of higher clerestory windows to
allow natural light that would illuminate this new gallery
from the ceiling above. The finishes in this area would
be upgraded with a more detailed running trim, wider
door casings, baseboards, and a coffered ceiling. We
also recommend the installation of taller doors into the
Chapel with the possible addition of religious art glass
transoms over these new doors.
These suggested changes would transform this access
corridor into a “Heritage Center.” This Center would
provide an inspiring entry approach to the Chapel and
would also serve as a gallery for the school topresent the
richhistoryof theAcademy. Furthermore, itwould allow
for changing exhibits and provide permanent space for
some of the schools’ more precious artifacts.
Existing Interior Layout
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