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18 |Academy of theHolyNames |Master PlanPackage |FieldingNair International |February 2014
Brady Center
ProposedChanges toMulti-PurposeHall
Maintain existing kitchen area. Create
new serverybetweenkitchen and storage
Maintain existing chair storage.
Create new storage/receiving area.
Expand dressing areas into men’s and
women’s room.
The kitchen can be stocked from the
storage area at all times.
This proposal outlines a plan for the Brady Center
that allows it to adapt to the new demands of a larger
mobile serving units with a separate area designated
for dining that necessitates constant breakdowns and
resets of the space.
TheFNITeam’sproposal featuresapermanentservery
that accommodates childrenandadultsonadailybasis
aswell as catering for large events. Anew storage area
directly behind the servery will facilitate the transfer
of food from the kitchen to the serving area. These
additions maintain entrances on the east side of the
building. The servery will be adjacent to the kitchen,
whichmust be expanded in order to accommodate a
greater number of students. Subsequently, the existing
storageand receiving roomwillbe relocated to thearea
currently designated as stage storage. The changing
rooms for the stagewill be converted into larger scale
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