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MediaCenter: Second Floor
Pilot Project/InnovationLaboratory
ProposedPilot Project
The Innovation Lab is proposed as the first Pilot Project for the AHN Campus. It will be
locatedon the secondfloor of theMediaCenterwithin the existingLibrary. TheLabwill be a
showcase forwhat 21st century education looks like inpractice.
Within this 1,800-SF educational laboratory, teachers have the ability to incorporate teaching
and learning methods into the curriculum units that could not be adequately delivered in a
traditional classroom.Thiswill be theplacewhereeducationpracticeand spatial designwork in
harmony. Itwill alsodemonstratehownew teaching and learningmethodsbenefit from spaces
specifically designed tofit a newmodel of education.
The InnovationLabwill enable self-directed, independent and group learning, which research
indicates is the highest form of knowledge acquisition; students who work together learn
more effectively. It provides the infrastructurewhere faculty can ignite discussion, coach, give
feedback, demonstrate, supervise, observe, and consultwith student teams as they collaborate.
Students will have the space towork and socialize in close proximity to each other. It is vital
that students be able to function well in collaborative settings and social groups in order to
develop the real world skills that they need to succeed and thrive in the 21st century. The
Innovation Lab will integrate these functions in a seamless way and in a manner that is not
currently possible in the traditional classroom wings of the High School. Students will be
capable of engaging in a variety of learning activities (as opposed to the one or two activities
that typical classrooms currently support). Thesemight include:
o Small groupwork
o Independent study
o Internet-based research
o Peer tutoring
o Distance learning
o Hands onwork
o Seminar style instruction
The selected “InnovationFellows”whowill be trained to develop and deliver this world-class
21st century curriculum represent a very important asset for AHN. They can become the
in-house mentors who can spread the successful elements of their practice across the whole
school. That means that their success can be very influential as the programs they start to
develop are scaled up and replicated across the whole school. When the phasedmaster plan
for the whole campus is implemented in the years to come, the lessons learned from the
InnovationLabwill be invaluable.
InnovationLab atHoraceGreeleyHighSchool
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