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10 |Academy of theHolyNames |Master PlanPackage |FieldingNair International |February 2014
Campus LibraryNetwork
1) Pilot Project /FutureMiddle School Library
MediaCenter SecondFloor
2) ProposedElementary School
BayshoreBuildingFirst FloorNorth
3)High School Library
BayshoreBuildingThirdFloor Center
The current library is located on the second floor of the Media Center. It
is a beautiful space and serves all AHN students from kindergarten through
12th grade.However, it is a centralized library and consequently every student
must travel across the campus tomake use of the facility. Thismeans that the
younger studentsmust be accompaniedby their teachers tomake the trip. The
centrally located librarymade sensewhen the academic structureof the school
was built on the traditional classroommodel.
With the reconfiguration of the AHN school buildings into Small Learning
Communities, the opportunity arises to migrate the library resources into a
network of three libraries, one for each age group (Elementary, Middle and
High School). Each library would be located within the learning community
of its’ respective age level. In this way, the Elementary School Library can
be scaled for the younger students and could contain a small stage, a story-
time area, puzzle tables and age-appropriate shelving. Most importantly, this
approach places the library resources right where they are needed, and it will
also increase usage of the library on a daily basis.
Within the context of thisMaster Plan, theElementary School Librarywill be
located at the north end of the first floor of the Bayshore Building. It will be
situated across from theAdministrative core, and adjacent to theDaVinci Lab
aswell as to the lower Elementary School LearningCommunities.
TheMiddle School Library will be located on the second floor of theMedia
Center, which will be renovated into the new Middle School. The space
designated in theMaster Plan for the InnovationLab inPhaseOnewould be
converted into the Library once theseMediaCenter renovations take place.
TheHigh School Library would be located in the central section of the third
floorof theBayshoreBuilding,within theHighSchoolLearningCommunities.
This Library would also contain the main offices for the Director of Media
Services andher staff.
For this typeof network tobe successful, thenatureof Library administration
must evolve so that all the libraries within the network are well coordinated.
For instance, theChildren’sLibrarianwouldbebased in theElementarySchool
locationwhile theYoungAdult specialistmight be based in theMiddle School
Library. In short, this proposed library networkmust be staffed appropriately
to function as envisioned. Since access to reference collections and resources
are becoming increasingly digital, the main hard reference collection would
probably still reside in the High School location. Age-appropriate materials
wouldmigrate to each specific library.
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