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Service has been part of Elizabeth Dolan’s life since she traveled
toHonduras as a 7-year-oldwith her family to start amission trip
for her church, Espirtu Santo. Her passion for service continued
on Academy mission trips to North Carolina andMississippi, and
she found what may be her life calling working at Camp Agape,
a summer camp for children whose lives are affected by cancer.
Spending a summer at the Seattle-based camp lit a fire within
Dolan. She decided her future will involve work centered on
Though she could have focused on her science classes for a path
involvingmedicine, or started learningabout fundraisingonasmall
scale, Dolan dreamed big. She had an idea for a charity 5K, Cross
OutCancer, thatwouldcombineherdesire to fundraise forpediatric
cancer with her love for running. Dolan also wanted to show that
teenagers could impact their community and inspire change.
Gathering runners from12 local crosscountry teams, she formeda
board toorganize the event and rallyparticipants. She even formed
her own 501(c)(3) and partneredwith All Children’s Hospital, who
received the raceproceeds.
A year of tireless work—Dolan estimates she spent some 600
hourspreparing for the event—culminatedonSaturday, November
21, whenmore than 400 people gathered at Picnic Island Park for
the inaugural race. Dolan more than doubled her $20,000 goal,
raising a staggering$47,000 through sponsorships, entry fees and
donations. The race was dedicated to Academy student Sydney
Wynne (A’16), who lost her battle with cancer in December 2014,
andClearwater Central Catholic student TylerGray.
Through the money that was raised, Cross Out Cancer now has
its own restricted fund at All Children’s Hospital. Money will go
toward items ranging from Publix gift cards to necessarymedical
equipment forcancer treatment—anything tohelpease the financial
burdenon familiesbattling cancer.
OnMarch5,DolanwasnamedaLightningCommunityHeroby the
Lightning Foundation for her work with Cross Out Cancer. During
the Tampa Bay Lightning game, she received a $50,000 grant
from the foundation, which she allocated for All Children’sHospital
and Academy Class of 2016 Endowed Sydney Wynne Memorial
Dolan’s spirit and dedication to service are nothing short of
amazing. “Forme, service doesn’t have to dowithwork I’ve done,
but how I’ve personally stepped into someone’s life and changed
it,” she said. From the people whowill directly benefit from Cross
Out Cancer funds to thosewhohavespent timewithher,Dolanhas
certainly touchedmany lives.
A largegroupofAHNhighschool students ran the5K insupport of classmateElizabethDolan.
CrossOutCancerboardmemberspresentAll Children’sHospitalwithacheck.
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