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Office of the
Thegoal of education today is to reacheveryoneof our students. Itmeansweconstantlymust focus
on the quality of instruction and the strength of our curriculum. It is an ongoing, dynamic process
that will exist as long as the Academy sits on Bayshore Boulevard—in other words, for a long time
to come. School leaders, with the support of the Board of Trustees, must ensure that continuing
education andprofessional development opportunities areprovided for teachers, so theywill be able
tohone their craft and keepupwithnew educational ideas and trends. The teacher in the classroom
withhisor her students iswhere “the rubbermeets the road” for anyschool.
All thechangeswehavemade—fromenhanced technology tonewbuildingsand renovatedacademic
spaces—are to support our teachers in their efforts to create thebest educational experience for our
students. In trulygreatschools, the relationshipbetween teacherandstudent isbaseduponmore than
academicsalone. ToquoteKenRobinsononceagain, “all childrendeserveachampion, anadultwho
never givesupon them,whounderstands thepower of connection, and insists theybecome thebest
It ismyhope that all of our studentshave a teacherwho ismore than an instructor, who is amentor
andguide, aswell—achampionwhohelpsstudents findasenseof directionandempowers them to
believe in themselves.
Great teachersareat theheart
of great schools.
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