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The Academy of the Holy Names has embarked on the most
dynamic and transformative educational endeavor since its
founding more than 135 years ago. In the spring of 2014, the
Academy unveiled a facilities master plan that will alter the entire
campus. Upon its completion, the school will have a dedicated
Center for theArts toallowstudents toexplore their artistic talents,
a Heritage Center to honor the Sisterswhomade the school what
it is today and reconfigured learning spaces that will showcase
the best practices of 21st century teaching and learning—critical
thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. The vision
is ambitious, and when complete, the Academy will rival the top
schools in the country.
Though projects are underway—the Center for the Arts is under
construction, two Innovation Labs are in use on the Bayshore
campus, and theHeritageCenterwill breakground this summer—
theschoolmust still raise funds tocomplete themasterplanaswell
asprepare for the future. EnterAcademyAscending:ACampaign to
Redefine Excellence. Fundraising for the comprehensive campaign
is ongoing, though still in the “silent,” or beginning, phase. Much
thought has gone into the school's timeline for fundraising and
project development as the school considers itsneeds and abilities
to raise thenecessary resources.
Committee members are hard at work assisting with Academy
Ascending. While the campus continues to take shape, the
“public” phase will not take place until late 2017. In addition to
capital improvements, the school is building a Technology Trust to
empower studentswith access to the best technological advances
without the financial burden. The school is also strengthening its
endowment, ensuring theavailabilityof funding long into the future
while safeguardingourmission.
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